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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New words and Major!

So, like I said before, Autumn is learning new words everyday! This morning she brought me a banana and very enthusiastically said 'nana. nummy!'. She clearly wanted that banana, and she got it :) She also pointed right at Majors tennis ball and said 'ball' then proceeded to pick it up and throw it right at Majors face. Thank goodness her big brother is used to getting hit in the head seeing as he is horrible at catching!

Speaking of Major, he celebrated his 4th birthday last month. Well, we actually have no idea when his birthday is. Charles and I adopted Major from the Pitt County Humane Society on August 12, 2006. We were told he was 3 months old. So we decided to celebrate his birthday on May 12, which was 3 months before we adopted him. We normally take him to get a hotdog from Sonic but never were able to do it this year. Maybe that'll be whats for dinner tomorrow!?!?!!

Major a few days after we adopted him!

April 2010

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