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Thursday, December 2, 2010

22 Months!

Autumn, you are 22 months old today!

You are talking up a storm these days and putting words and short sentences together. 'I hurt', 'It fell', and 'Wuv you too' are just a few of your favorite sayings these days. You are always asking to help me and daddy around the house. Helping vacuum and making dinner are your favorites.

You absolutely love your 'nana' and cheerios for breakfast and have recently discovered pop tarts. I made the mistake of getting you chocolate milk one day at Chik-fil-a and you now constantly ask for 'chocolate chocolate'. You love your chicken and fries and pizza. Cheese sticks are still a must have in the house and a new favorite is 'sauce' (applesauce) and 'yogut' (yogurt).

You are wearing size 5 diapers and are in 24m/2T clothes. You wear size 6 shoes and think the velcro on them is so much fun to play with. We cannot make it to our final destination without your shoes coming off at least once.

You HATE being strapped into a high chair or the grocery cart but sometimes you just have to deal with it so mommy can get her shopping done. Speaking of shopping, I cant seem to go into any store without somehow walking out with an item I didnt plan on buying. You either decided to bite it, suck on it, try to eat it or break it so I have to buy it.

You are still quite the little social butterfly. You say 'hi' and 'bye' to every person you see. You smile and wave at the guards at the gate everytime we come on post. You say bye to every cashier when we leave a store and just love blowing kisses to random people.

You are quite stubborn and do not like being told no. You throw yourself on the floor, cry, whine and do everything you can to get what you want. 9 times out of 10, you dont get it but when you do get it, you get it from Daddy. You are such a daddy's girl and squeal when you hear him come in the door every evening.

You are such a joy to have around, always making us smile and laugh. We cant imagine life without you baby girl. Happy 22 months! We love you!