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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I finally figured out how to get movies off my camera and onto my computer and then post them online. So here's a few of Miss Autumn! :)

Eating Rice Cereal for the first time
June 17, 2009

Playing in her new toy
June 21, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We did it!

About a week ago I said something about looking to buy a new car. Well, we looked at a Honda Pilot last weekend and had been talking to the guy for this entire week. We kept throwing around numbers, trying to figure out if we should sell my car privately or trade it in, etc. We went into the dealership yesterday to see how much they would give us for my car. We talked more numbers and they came back with a pretty good deal. So, we took it! We are now the proud owners of an '09 Honda Pilot! Im pretty excited, since ill be the one who gets to drive it all the time! But let me tell you, making a purchase that large it rather nerve racking! Other than our furniture (that we ended up getting for free), this is the largest purchase Charles and I have ever made. I kept wondering if we were making a mistake, if we were being taken advantage of, etc. Everyone I talk to says Honda's are great cars and that we made a great choice. I guess only time will tell! Charles drove it home from the dealership yesterday and then again when he went to get his hair but, so other than test driving it, I have yet to drive it, but I take it back in tomorrow for them to clean it.

So, here she is. I think im going to name her Rhonda. Rhonda the Honda!

The poop problem!

On Tuesday (the 16th), I called Autumn's Dr about the fact that she had not pooped in 10 days. The nurse told me that we needed to take her to the ER for x-rays to make sure there was no sort of block. We got to the ER around 5:45 that night. They felt around on her belly, did some x-rays, never took blood, and finally came back with "She's fine. There is no block". We were out of there by 7! I made a follow up appointment the following day to see her Dr. He felt around, etc, and said she felt fine. He did tell me to give her Karo syrup to help her go. He also noticed that she had only gained 1.5oz in 15 days where as a baby her age should have gained around 3.5oz. So he told me that we could start feeding her rice cereal. So after her appointment, I went to wal-mart and shopped for Karo syrup and rice cereal for the first time. (PS Mom, Karo syrup isnt with the cooking/baking supplies. Its with the syrup!) Later that night we gave her some syrup and her first feeding of rice cereal! If you have never fed a baby food for the first time, let me tell you, its a pretty hilarious scene. She had it all over her face and bib and couldnt (and still hasnt) quite figured out how to get it off the spoon. She's learning. A few more days went by and still no poop. We continued to give her the syrup until yesterday morning! Charles changed her diaper and somehow it all managed to stay in the diaper but she finally went! And ended up going 4 more times that day! So by the end of it all, she finally pooped on day 14! That has to be some kind of record or something!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

To buy or not to buy?!?

Yesterday Charles made an appointment for me at a spa in Wichita Falls, TX for my birthday. I spent 4 hours being pampered while him and Autumn drove around and looked at cars. With the problems my car has been having lately, we're trying to decide if we should keep paying, sometimes large chunks of money, to replace things on my car or if we should just suck it up and buy a new car all together. We've been looking at "crossovers" and trying to decide what exactly we can afford and will be the best choice for us. We feel like we should have a third row to fit carseats, extra people, a dog and all the things a baby/child needs when you travel. But at the same time, the cars with a third row are more expensive. We looked at a GMC Acadia yesterday and the salesman tried everything he possibly could to sell us that car. I know its his job but why push so hard when we tell you what we're willing to spend yet your trying to sell it to us for is a good bit more than what we can afford? He tried everything from getting his boss to lower the price, trying to get us to take it home with us for the night, etc. We of course walked away. We're starting to think that we can't afford what we want. At least not right now. Fingers crossed my car makes it another year when we can afford what we want!

In Autumn news, she's rolling over more and more these days. On the 9th she rolled over twice and did it again this morning. When she does roll over she just looks around like "im not sure I was supposed to do that". Its really funny. Im starting to think it wont be to much longer before she's sitting on her own either. She loves it when we pull her from laying to the sitting position and when you let her sit in her bumbo seat. We'll have to wait and see...

Here are a few new pictures

She sleeps like this

These are from the night of my birthday

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh what a night...

Charles has been working on my car for a few days now. Last night he took the battery out, took the alternator out, etc. He ran to Auto Zone to get a new battery and some other stuff. I didnt go because it was time for Autumn to eat. After feeding her I put her in her jumper seat thing and started washing dishes. I heard her farting but didnt really think anything of it. A few minutes later I smelled something...there was poop all over the floor under her, it was dripping down her leg, was all over the bottom of the jumper and was all over her socks and outfit. I called Charles to see where he was so he could help me clean up if he was on his way home, I called him 6 times, and of course he left his phone here. So I get her in the tub because she somehow managed to get poop in her hair. At that time Charles calls me from Auto Zone and informs me that he left his wallet and phone here (DUH!) and that he needs me to bring it to him. I told him what happened with her and that I was giving her a bath and would get there ASAP. As soon as I was done with her bath, I realized that I cant go take it to him. I DONT HAVE A BATTERY IN MY CAR which is why he's at Auto Zone in the first place! So I had to get my poor neighbor who had JUST taken his hamburgers off the grill to run his wallet and phone to him! 

*Sigh* Then it took me about an hour to clean her jumper, the floor, the tub, the bathroom floor, and start laundry because of all the poop!! Amazing how much such a little person can produce!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Thats right, Autumn is 4 months old today! Man how time flies!

She had her 4 month check-up this morning and the Dr said she's perfect! She now weighs 11lbs and 4oz and is 24.5in. That puts her in the 10% percentile for her weight and 50% for her height. The Dr. said her graphs are perfect and she's growing exactly how she should! She got her second round of shots this time and did FABULOUS! She cried for about 20 seconds after each shot and hasn't made a sounds since then. 

We have been having and issue with Autumn only being able to sleep while being swaddled and the Dr said "break her of it!". So we're going to start her out with naps unswaddled and as those get better, we'll start unswaddling her at night as well. 

She's a happy, healthy girl and goes back at 6 months for some more shots and another check-up!

Monday, June 1, 2009

OK City Redhawks Baseball

On Saturday night Charles, Autumn and I went to an OK City Redhawks baseball game with another couple and their 2 month little boy. Charles and I headed to OKC early to do some shopping at Target and Babies R Us since we don't have either of those here. Of course the only stuff we came home with are for Autumn but i'm ok with that! She's worth it!

We met our friends, Josh, Shawnda and their son, Ethan at Sonic for a quick dinner then he headed over to the stadium. The game was a double header so in the end, we ended up with 2 games for the price of 1. It was very hot out but luckily we got seats in the shade. Autumn and Ethan both did wonderfully! We did leave the 2nd game a little early because we had a little over an hour drive home, but we had a great time and are already trying to figure out when we can go back!

Here's Autumn and Ethan at the game. Autumn was not happy that I was taking yet another picture of her and she was missing out on precious nap time, and Ethan could have cared less!