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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

As everyone knows, today is Veteran's Day. As a military wife, I feel the need to say THANK YOU to all of our service men and women, past and present. And a special thanks to my husband who is not only a wonderful husband but also a wonderful soldier and father! Your girls love you!!

Autumn's Veteran's Day outfit
"If you love your freedom, thank MY DAD"

Autumn, at 3 months old, Charles and I in front of a 105mm Howitzer

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Miss Autumn had her 9 month check-up last week. She now weighs 18lbs 3oz (55%) and is 27 3/4 (65%) inches long! As usual, the Dr said she looks perfect :) She received her first of two flu shots. She goes back in a month for her 'booster'.

Her two bottom teeth are a little more than halfway in. Luckily for us, there wasnt much fussing during the teething process and hopefully that's how they all are. She pulls up on the couch and entertainment center all the time. She is starting to chew on the side of her crib so I have to find some protectors so she doesnt completely destroy it! She's eating more finger foods these days. She usually gets something that we are having for dinner, green beans, sweet potatoes, a tator tot the other night:) She absolutely loves being independent and doing things for herself!

We are working on clapping and waving 'bye' right now. Its not working very well. She would much rather 'brush' her hands together, but we'll get there! :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Autumn's first Halloween!

After a bidding war with another woman on ebay and winning at the last minute, I finally found Autumn a Halloween costume:) She didnt seem to really enjoy the whole process of trick-or-treating but she did love watching all the other people. She lasted about 3 hours in her costume before she was ready for bed!

In other Autumn news: She is constantly on the move! She loves crawling. She has learned how to sit up from crawling and is pulling up. We find her standing her crib often these days. Her two bottom teeth are also trying to make their grand appearance. Should be any day now!