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Sunday, June 21, 2009

We did it!

About a week ago I said something about looking to buy a new car. Well, we looked at a Honda Pilot last weekend and had been talking to the guy for this entire week. We kept throwing around numbers, trying to figure out if we should sell my car privately or trade it in, etc. We went into the dealership yesterday to see how much they would give us for my car. We talked more numbers and they came back with a pretty good deal. So, we took it! We are now the proud owners of an '09 Honda Pilot! Im pretty excited, since ill be the one who gets to drive it all the time! But let me tell you, making a purchase that large it rather nerve racking! Other than our furniture (that we ended up getting for free), this is the largest purchase Charles and I have ever made. I kept wondering if we were making a mistake, if we were being taken advantage of, etc. Everyone I talk to says Honda's are great cars and that we made a great choice. I guess only time will tell! Charles drove it home from the dealership yesterday and then again when he went to get his hair but, so other than test driving it, I have yet to drive it, but I take it back in tomorrow for them to clean it.

So, here she is. I think im going to name her Rhonda. Rhonda the Honda!

1 comment:

  1. Nice Rhonda! Y'all just wait till you start looking for a house!