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Sunday, June 14, 2009

To buy or not to buy?!?

Yesterday Charles made an appointment for me at a spa in Wichita Falls, TX for my birthday. I spent 4 hours being pampered while him and Autumn drove around and looked at cars. With the problems my car has been having lately, we're trying to decide if we should keep paying, sometimes large chunks of money, to replace things on my car or if we should just suck it up and buy a new car all together. We've been looking at "crossovers" and trying to decide what exactly we can afford and will be the best choice for us. We feel like we should have a third row to fit carseats, extra people, a dog and all the things a baby/child needs when you travel. But at the same time, the cars with a third row are more expensive. We looked at a GMC Acadia yesterday and the salesman tried everything he possibly could to sell us that car. I know its his job but why push so hard when we tell you what we're willing to spend yet your trying to sell it to us for is a good bit more than what we can afford? He tried everything from getting his boss to lower the price, trying to get us to take it home with us for the night, etc. We of course walked away. We're starting to think that we can't afford what we want. At least not right now. Fingers crossed my car makes it another year when we can afford what we want!

In Autumn news, she's rolling over more and more these days. On the 9th she rolled over twice and did it again this morning. When she does roll over she just looks around like "im not sure I was supposed to do that". Its really funny. Im starting to think it wont be to much longer before she's sitting on her own either. She loves it when we pull her from laying to the sitting position and when you let her sit in her bumbo seat. We'll have to wait and see...

Here are a few new pictures

She sleeps like this

These are from the night of my birthday

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