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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We are finally home and back in our normal routine after visiting our families for the last 2 and a half weeks! We started our trip off with heading to Memphis, TN to go to the Liberty Bowl and watch the Pirates play. My family came to the game as well. After the game we headed to Knoxville to spend some more time with my family. After TN, we headed to Raleigh, NC to visit with Charles' family. We then headed down to AL to visit with my Grandparents for a few days. It was a great trip and is always so nice to see family, but at the same time, its so nice to be home and sleeping in your own bed! :)

While on our vacation, Autumn attended a UT basketball game and a Hurricanes Hockey game where we sat ON the ice. Autumn had a great time at both. She danced, clapped and sang along with all the music. She also learned how to climb stairs (thanks to her Aunt Michelle), clap, signal 'touchdown' (thanks to her Grandma), stick her tongue out (thanks to her Aunt Michelle and Grandaddy), blow kisses (thanks to her Grandma) and wave bye-bye! She talks more and more everyday and is now starting to really sing :) It's so cute! She is also starting to say 'Uh-oh" whenever she drops something or something falls!

We have upgraded her to a bigger carseat but have yet to put her facing forward. We'll keep her rearfacing for a little while longer. Her 1st Birthday is about 2 weeks away. We are having a small party here in OK with some of our close friends. Her party will be her first real taste of cake and im excited to see how she reacts!

Autumn's first taste of BBQ and she loved it!
At the Hurricanes Hockey game
At the UT v UNC Charlotte basketball game

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