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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice Storm 2010

Ice is not fun! I dont mind snow. I can handle lots of snow, but ice is no fun! The ice storm hit us around noon on Thursday, January 28. Our power was out by 3pm but came back on around 8:30pm. The power went out again the following morning around 6am and came back on around noon. Luckily it has stayed on since then. It a few hours after we got power to get cable and internet back as well. Trees limbs are falling left and right around here. Its sad to see these trees go, but its also very beautiful outside. Luckily no damage to any houses or cars that we're aware of. As of this morning, the roads are clear and ice is melting. Its going to take a few weeks to get all the trees cleared up but until then, free firewood! :) We were able to go outside yesterday afternoon and go sledding down the hill in our backyard. Autumn seemed to enjoy it!

Sledding for the first time
January 29, 2010
Ice Storm 2010
Our Street
The front of our house!

Sledding with Mommy for the first time!
January 29, 2010

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