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Monday, May 10, 2010

15 Months Old!

Its hard to believe that Autumn is already 15 months old! Its crazy how fast she is growing.

She had her 15 month check-up on the 4th. She weighs 24lbs 8oz (40%) and is 30.75 inches long (just under 60%). She says 'mama', 'dada', 'mommy', 'daddy', 'thank you', 'up', 'woof woof', 'juice', and 'sit'. She climbs on EVERYTHING. She is into everything and is constantly pushing my buttons to see how far she can go.

She also had an eye Drs appointment in Oklahoma City this past Wednesday. The Dr said she was probably the healthiest kid he would see all day! Her birthmark is not affecting anything with her eyesight. In about 10-20 years we'll need to keep an eye out and be worried about glaucoma, but if thats all we have to worry about, im happy!

Autumn now has 6 teeth and at least 2 more trying to make their way in. She's running and walking backwards and loves to climb stairs when we let her. She LOVES taking showers and im looking forward to taking her to the spray park here on post this summer. She hates sitting in the stroller, car seat and high chair for more than about 5 mins. She would much rather be running or walking around wherever she pleases.

Major seems to like her a little more each day and that Autumn can really interact with him, he enjoys it. She thinks its hilarious when he runs around outside and she loves to 'pet the puppy'. She's starting to throw a ball and once she gets that down, Major is going to be her best friend! :)

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